The Blue Chip Enterprise Award

The Blue Chip Enterprise Award is awarded by the National Chamber of recognizing entrepreneurs nationwide for succeeding in the face of serious challenges and adversity.


Kennon Products Inc.


Kennon’s primary focus is to reduce or eliminate damage caused by weather, dust, moisture, corrosion, sunlight, heat and other environmental factors that can cause expensive repairs.  We accomplish this by properly engineering and constructing covers using technical fabrics and materials, and expert fabrication methods.   

We’ve served the aerospace industry for over 30 years. With humble beginnings in 1984 as a garage-shop operation, Kennon has evolved considerably, and now designs and produces products for customers as diverse as the U.S. military, aerospace OEMs, hospitals, oil and gas companies, aircraft owners, and recently,  the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Today, Kennon protects equipment from a variety of industries - expensive equipment with delicate surfaces, polished and painted finishes, or expensive metals and composites.   Our products are used in a wide variety of settings, from transportation and storage, to being an integral part of operational systems. 

Kennon protects high value assets.  There are projects where Kennon helps protect the most valuable asset of all - humans.  We work with and support OEMs, the Department of Defense, architects, engineers, and their clients.  We are fully capable, reliable, and loyal collaborators.

Kennon is different from other coverings companies.  Kennon’s team consists of material scientists, chemical, industrial, electrical, and mechanical engineers who solve challenging problems daily.  Our capabilities are deep, and we are adept at finding better, more cost-effective solutions.

We're proud to say the foundation of our business is developing solid working relationships with those who share our passion in addressing the critical needs for protecting high value assets.











House of Lean Award

House of Lean Award