Supporting the Department of Defense

Kennon Products Inc.

Kennon supplies the United States Department of Defense as well as our country’s allies. The company participates in DOD’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program to develop new products that address their specific problems or needs.

Kennon Clamp

Kennon Clamp Image

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Kennon Clamp -  Kennon’s repositionable clamp is changing how fasteners are attached to composite airframes saving installation and repair costs.   The Kennon Clamp and Kennon Cabin Liner were developed through an NAVAIR SBIR Grant.

 Kennon Military
Aircraft Covers 


Kennon manufactures protective coverings for practically all military aircraft including covers for the F-16's flown by the USAF Thunderbirds - America's Ambassadors in Blue.    

Kennon Products Military

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter 


 Kennon Cabin Liner

Kennon Cabin Liner, DOD image 

Kennon is changing the way military aircraft are insulated providing a safer, environment inside transport aircraft.

 Most military transport and utility aircraft use insulated blankets to dampen sound and provide some thermal insulation.  These quilted blankets absorb fluids and pose a risk in the then event of a ditching. Insulated blankets are labor-consuming to install and they often sag and reduce headroom.

The Old

 Kennon’s Cabin Liner was developed under a installs quickly, provides a safer environment, does not absorb water, meets all fire and smoke toxicity requirements and provides better acoustic and thermal insulation.

The New

 Transport and Storage Covers


The transport of a high value asset poses significant risk. A ding from a rock could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.  

A poor fitting cover or a cover made from the wrong material can do even more damage.  


Kennon’s engineered covers protect the asset from damage caused by external elements while safely fitting the asset like a second skin. 

A well engineered cover constructed from the proper materials will protect the stored asset from the weather safely.