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Acquisition Plans help ensure that Customers meet or exceed their needs in the most effective, economical, and timely manner.  Acquisition Plans generally follow from an Acquisition Strategy process which provides senior leadership with rationale and assurances that a proposed development strategy makes good business sense.   The result of an effective Acquisition Planning process is a tight and specific Statement of Work (SOW) that ensures that Customers get exactly what they need - no more and no less.  A well prepared SOW facilitates the contracting process by obtaining correct and responsive Requests for Quotations.

The Acquisition Planning process requires a diverse set of skills and knowledge, and is arguably the most important part of the acquisition process.  When a SOW is developed properly, the contracting authority receives fewer questions from potential bidders, necessitating fewer changes to the SOW.   In short, a well prepared SOW provides better value by ensuring the product/services needed is obtained in a timely fashion.

The alternative, too often experienced, is for customers to receive goods that do not meet their needs and requirements, late, and costing too much.

Industrial fabric design and engineering expertise is increasingly hard to find.  Most acquisition programs do not have access to experts from the industry, especially in the current economic environment where many textile-based products and systems are manufactured overseas.

Kennon’s team is capable and available to assist in Acquisition Planning and the development of effective SOWs.  Kennon’s deep knowledge of materials and fabrication methods can be employed to help programs gain the new products and systems that will help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Kennon can assist by helping define appropriate specifications, test and qualification methods, prototypes, testing, and finally qualification of an assembled product.  Once a product is well defined, and fully understood by the customer, it can be confidently let for Quotation.