Design and Prototyping

Kennon Products Inc.

Kennon engineers design covers and the company’s production staff use 3D models and CAD design to build a trial cover that will be fitted in the at the customer’s location.   Here is what we strive for:  Safe covers fit snugly, attach properly, install easily, and stow in a proper storage bag to be kept clean between uses.  

  • Rendering of the Engineered P-3 Insulated Engine Cover for NASA
    P-3 Insulated Engine Cover for NASA
  • NASA's P-3 Engineered Insulated Engine Covers in Antarctica
    Nasa's P-3 in Antarctica
  • Kennon designs and builds fabric awnings
  • Egineered Model of an Aircraft Engine Exaust Cover
    Design begins with a model
  • Conceptual Rendering of an Engineered Engine Plug
    A concept
  • Engineered C-17 engine plugs for the US Air Force
    A Finished Product
  • Rendering of the Engineered Rodent-Proof Cover (tarp) for Dodger Stadium
    Rodent-Proof Cover for Dodger Stadium
  • A successful finished covering

Safe covers install only one way, the same way every time, by almost anyone, with minimal instruction. Safer covers require less cleaning because the material resists dirt and fluids.  They require fewer repairs because they are designed to avoid stress points and the seams last as long as the material itself.   

Professionally engineered covers take into account potential problem areas, corners, edges, protrusions, entry areas.  

Improvements are noted, drawings changed if necessary before the final prototype is built and tested.