Kennon Rodent-Proof Coverings

Kennon Products Inc.

Kennon’s Rodent-Proof Covers are custom designed and built to cover any surface or structure.  The covers are constructed from a water-proof polyester fabric covered with a ceramic-like dot pattern that rodents can’t chew.

Kennon’s Rodent-proof covers can:

  • Conform to any shape
  • Cover any surface or opening with a variety of attachment methods

The covers highly versatile.  Extra Insulation can be sandwiched between two layers of covering material for added protection. And they are extremely abrasion resistant.



  • Cover outdoor food and beverage stands to comply with health and safety regulations
  • Insulate pipes and well-heads in gas and oil fields to prevent disease spreading mice from nesting
  • Keep food dry and rodent-free when stored outdoors
  • Block openings, shelf bottoms or anywhere where rodents are not desirable
  • Protect padded surfaces in sports arenas
  • Use as bags with closures
  • Excellent seat cushion covering

Kennon’s Rodent-proof coverings often represent a savings in alternate construction and installation costs while preserving whatever it is you are trying to protect from rodents.



Kennon designs a special rodent proof cover for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Custom Designed Rodent Proof Covering during the final stages of the fitting process to ensure a perfect fit for the LA Dodgers.

A successful finished Kennon Rodent-Proof Covering for the LA Dodgers

A successfully finished Kennon Rodent-Proof Covering.